H.H. Moore Claret

Bred and Maintained by Mike Everett. This particular bloodline is unique in color and is highly sought for its beautiful patterns. Sure looks like another winner at the county fair.

Mel Sims Brownred

A Beautiful 8 month old Brownred Gamefowl stag Bred and Maintained on Guam by James Yu. This is the Dark Side of the Brownred Bloodline.

Lacy Roundhead

A Beautiful Gamefowl bred and maintained by Mike Everett. This Roundhead has a nice body and leg length with beautiful feathers. All the Qualities in winning a Poultry show at the county Fair.

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  • The purpose of this Association generally stated are to bind breeders and fanciers of gamefowl in Texas into an organization for their mutual benefit and for the exchange of better methods and ideas tending toward perpetuation and improvement of the various breeds of gamefowl and also to improve marketing methods and to cooperate with universities, state, federal and any other public or private agency which seeks to control poultry diseases.

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